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Melting control during additive manufacturing or welding process

Our infrared cameras have been designed for live control and monitoring during additive manufacturing or welding process.

Thanks to integrated image processing, you can control your manufacturing process conformity directly during the production process.

This system enables controlling the shape, the size, and the thermic as well as the potential projections that might occur during the production process. The user sets up the image processing beforehand and then plugs the camera on any kind of screen for a live display.

Using IR makes the control able in any kind of hard production environment (smoke/ dust).

For a data storage optimization, you have the option of saving only results from image processing.

Control of complex assembly

This solution was initially designed to automate the control of a complex assembly at the end of the production line.

The system is based on vision, robotics as well as the development of a specific HCI. Concretely, it includes robots with high resolution cameras that take a numerous amount of pictures of the complex assembly in a reduce amount of time and control different elements.

The HCI (Human Computer Interaction) is clear and easy to use. The system produces automatic inspection reports easy to read by an average user. The application is repeatable and endlessly enables the same image quality. Once integrated, the system is fully managed by the employees themselves: they are able to directly program and enter new specifications and precise points to detect.

It is a turnkey solution to control complex assembly.

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Video projection for Assistance and Control of assembly

This system offers immediate help and assistance for assembling components. Thanks to an HMI developed specifically for this project, you can control and manage the conformity of assembled parts.

How does it work?
1- The video system guides your team to fix properly any kind of parts.
2- A high resolution camera observes the projection area. The system analyzes and recognizes specific elements. A step by step validation via a dedicated HMI enables the user to clearly certify if the part is correctly assembled.

Not only time saving, this systems makes both assistance and control possible in only one application.
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3D contactless measuring machine

This contactless measuring machine has been designed for metrological control.

You have a 3D scanning of all of you parts (blades, diffuser/ compressor manifold, impellers …).

Our system has a 3D sensor last generation with a blue light technology included as well as an 8-axis robotized motion system.

Our machines can be delivered with the equipment for maintaining parts as well as control and measuring range already set up.

All our systems include:

  • 1 HMI Windows
  • 1simulation tool with :
    • 1 software for trajectories generation
    • 1 post-processeur machine
    • 1 software for control report generation

Defect detection and characterization using robotized, adaptive and nondestructive inspection means

The solution we developed can involve several non destructive inspection means. You can plug Eddy current’s unit, ultrasonic, thermography, or vision unit.

First step is measuring the shape of the part; the trajectory is then adjusting to the part, in order to optimize the orientation of the measuring mean and the inspection strategy. The system focuses on defects area for a characterization.

Using multi-technology units enables the system to merge data for an easier, faster and more accurate decision making.
The solution also offers inspection reports via a HMI for a better traceability of the results.

Multi-axis machine for 3D contactless measurement

High resolution: 2 µm

High frequency acquisition: from 2 kHz to 360 kHz.

This 4 or 5 axis machine has been designed to automatically control your part without any preparation

Thanks to a vision system using chromatic confocal sensing, you can control all your parts regardless of:

  • The material: metal, plastics, composite, glass
  • The color: from white to black
  • The surface finish: all kind including mirror-polished
  • The transparency: glass, plastics with a measure of the transparency (water, oil).

The characteristics of the machine (axis included) are developed according to your specific needs.

Our machine can be installed close to the production site for an easy inspection by the user/manufacturer.

The trajectory is integrated in our HMI for an automatic measure of the part. Defects control and characterization is quick and efficient. You can clearly see the part conformity to your expectations.

Our machines can be delivered with the equipment for maintaining parts as well as control and measuring range already set up.

All our systems include:

  • 1 HMI Windows
  • 1 simulation tool with:
    • 1 software for trajectories generation
    • 1 post-processor machine
    • 1 software for control report generation

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