About us

3d modeling of nozzle

Created in 1990 in the Paris area by Claude LEONETTI, TPSH specializes in 3D and contactless measurement, metrology, NDT and real-time adaptive processes.

Our know-how focuses on the control of industrial processes that combines the use of high-performance means with the technical skills of a multidisciplinary team.

We have a multidisciplinary technical team. Our skills include robotics, mechanics, quality, informatics, electronics, optics and industrial processes. Therefore we provide OEMS and industrials with innovative and technological solutions. One of our specialties is the design and installation of robotized adaptive processes on production line.

We chose technological innovation as the core of our quality process; we are constantly developing customized solutions for our customers. Our quality department certifies an optimum compliance with quality standards.

Our company is split up in 3 business units: services delivery, industrial engineering and R&D. We entirely carry out a project from the feasibility study to the industrial launching.