Research & Development

To remain a leader in 3D and contactless measurement as well as quality control, we have to constantly look for new technologies and innovate.
Our R&D unit has for major goal to develop systems meeting customers’ requirements but also to anticipate and foresee their future needs. This includes feasibility and industrialization studies.
For the past few years, we have been working on several big research projects. Major industrial companies and clusters were involved in those collaborative projects:


The aim was to develop a new system for the control of aerospace part after machining by combining numerous NDI.

  • - Green technology to replace dye penetrant inspection
  • - Process fully automated
  • - Traceability of the defects warranted
  • - Defect characterization thanks to three inspection methods :
    • Optical detection
    • Eddy current inspection
    • Thermal imaging analysis

Optical Technology Coupled with Automated Topological Analysis_TPSH_TOCATA
Photo illustration of the measuring head for the TOCATA project.

FALAFEL: Additive Manufacturing via Laser Processes and Electron beam

  • - Additive manufacturing technology (DMD & SLM) for large aerospace parts
  • - Working on aerospace composite material
  • - Automation of the manufacturing cycle
  • - Real-time correction of the manufacturing deviation
  • - Monitoring of DMD and SLM machines
  • - Manufacturing traceability
  • - Storage of selective physical and geometrical parameters of the molten bath

Additive manufacture by laser processes and electron beam_TPSH_FALAFEL
Photo illustration of the camera for the FALAFEL project.


TPSH will be in charge of the real time process control MAG LASER and CLAD to guarantee the conformity of future parts manufactured by the hybrid machine. The control process will be carried out using the TCAM128-65, a multi-spectral, visible infrared SWIR camera, 100% developed by TPSH.

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