Services Delivery

Our services delivery department specializes in contactless 3D measurement and metrology:

  • Computer Aided Design ( area and volumetric CAD)
  • Modelling, 3D design and reverse engineering
  • Numerical mock-up
  • NDT
  • High-density point clouds
  • Geometrical elements measurement
  • Metrology
  • Quality Control
  • Static deformation analysis

Our machine tools include:

  • Sensors: ATOS II, ATOS III, ATOS III TS with professional office software suite
  • Photogrammetry with TRITOP camera systems
  • Coordinate measurement Machine certified aerospace
  • Laser Tracker Leica AT 301 + T Probe
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  • ATOS + TRITOP for a measurement range from 700mm³ to volumes equal to an Airbus A380
  • Laser Tracker LEICA AT901 + T.Probe
  • Specific software CATIA V5R19


We deliver high quality results in the form of control reports specifically written to fill our customers’ needs:

  • Using point clouds (STL format) for:
    • CAD comparison
    • Sections extraction and distance measurement
    • Geometrical measures and controls
  • 3D CAD generations:
    • CATPart
    • IGES
    • STEP

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