Aug 19
Détection_cycle de contrôle_automatisé_robotique_cobotique_TPSH_91

WE HAVE IMPROVED ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE FOR THE DETECTION AND AUTOMATIC SANCTION.   Our 10 years of experience in the automation of quality control processes make our technologies essential products for industries which want to gain competitiveness. Nos technologies alternatives aux contrôles visuels répondent aux obligations de traçabilité des résultats et optimisation des processus pour garantir […]

Jul 19
TPSH_ouvert été 2019_juillet_août-CND automatique_Essonnes

TPSH continues to assist you with your CND projects this summer 2019. We wish a good holiday to our customers who go away to escape. For those who are shifting their summer stays to later, know that our teams take turns to meet your needs this summer! Do not hesitate to contact us by phone […]

Jun 19
Cellule de contrôle 2D-3D cobotique automatique TPSH

New: Automatic NDT cobotics system TPSH has developed an automatic assembly control cell for aeronautical equipment. This closed cell makes it possible to control different parts thanks to the integration of 6 rotating plates, a cobot placed on the ceiling, itself equipped with a smart head TPSH for 2D and 3D control. Further information will […]

May 19
Polissage robotisé_TPSH

OUR ROBOTIC SOLUTION FOR AERONAUTICAL TURBINE BLADE FINISHES. A polishing cell combining measurement systems and parametric and adaptive trajectories. TPSH has developed an innovative method of adaptive polishing for room finishing by combining robotics, 3D measurement and automatic polishing. This intelligent technology, with a ten years experience, leads us to master the entire chain in […]

Apr 19
CND automatiques TPSH_100% robotique

OUR KNOW HOW IN AUTOMATIC NDT Our innovations for your industrial transformation.  We have the keys of alternative technologies to manual controls : - Robotic automatic 2D/3D control and custom HMI - Robotic adaptive polishing for part finishing - Automatic NDT in real time by SWIR camera - Multi-technology cobotic measurement/control process - Very high speed measurement by confocal sensors We will […]

Apr 19

In April, let’s zoom in on an alternative technology to visual control. Our intelligent systems are dedicated to automated robotic inspection for compliance testing of complex parts. TPSH has 20 years of expertise in the field of detecting cosmetic defects. We can meet various needs for presence control, absence, compliance, code reading to check the […]

Mar 19
TPSH_un acteur majeur de l'industrie 4.0

Developing ever more efficient technologies to improve industrial processes and move towards zero defect: this is the daily challenge of TPSH. Founded in 1990, the design office was first a pioneer in the field of home automation and security, before becoming a key player in Industry 4.0. Ses spécialités ? Des systèmes de contrôle non destructif […]

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