Sep 20
IHM_Logiciel de supervision_asservissement temps réel_robot_cobot_caméra_TPSH

MI – HUMAN-MACHINE-INTERFACE DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED 100% BY OUR TEAMS.   100% automatic | Many options and 100% customizable.  All our applications are supplied with our HMIs to supervise the measurement / control cycles, processes  and automatically in real time. The output formats of the results can be in STL, Ascii, TXT, CVS, Jpeg, PNG or any […]

Aug 20
solutions innovantes_CND automatiques TPSH_ROBOTIQUE_COBOTIQUE

OUR ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT SATISFIES YOUR NEEDS FOR YOUR FACTORY 4.0 | 5.0 100% automatic solutions | Visual inspection | 2D/3D measurement | Adaptive NDT and Robotic Polishing in Evry-Courcouronnes | Chalon-Sur-Saône and Toulouse.  Our various projects have enabled us to consolidate our know-how in the following areas: – Robotic or cobotic visual inspection – Automatic […]

Jul 20
Cellule robotisée_automatisée_polissage_ébavurage_meulage_procédés adaptatifs_TPSH

BRINGING THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE AND AUTOMATE THE INDUSTRIAL POLISHING PROCESS. 100% automatic solution | removes exported non-qualities. TPSH has developed an innovative adaptive polishing method for part finishing by combining robotics, 3D measurement and automatic polishing. Robotic technology for polishing, grinding and deburring. This intelligent technology, rich of 10 years of experience, […]

Jul 20
Nous resterons à vos cotés durant l’été 2020_TPSH

TPSH continues to assist you with your CND projects this summer 2020. We wish a good holiday to our customers who go away to escape. For those who are shifting their summer stays to later, know that our teams take turns to meet your needs this summer! Do not hesitate to contact us by phone […]

Jun 20

COME AND DISCOVER OUR AUTOMATICF CONTROL SYSTEM AT THE BTIC OF ATOS IN BEZONS.(95) BRINGING THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE AND AUTOMATIZE QUALITY CHECKS. TPSH has developed a mobile automatic control system to satisfy the need for quality inspection on the production line. The objective is to assist the operator on the visual inspection […]

May 20

TPSH ANNOUNCES ITS PARTNERSHIP WITH ATOS BY SIGNING A WORLDWIDE COMMERCIAL CONTRACT FOR TPSH’S “FACTORY OF THE FUTURE” CONTROL PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGIES. Atos has established a partnership with TPSH, a Paris Region company specialising in 4.0 technologies, to jointly promote and deploy a range of common technologies to meet the major challenges of industrial IoT. […]

Mar 20

OUR SOLUTIONS FOR THE FACTORY OF THE FUTURE. INNOVATIVES TECHNOLOGIES TPSH. For nearly 30 years, we have been working on technology developments by automating the controls of large industrial companies to increase their productivity and improve the quality of their deliverables. Our objective is to assist the operator in the visual control using robotics/cobotics and […]

Feb 20
Caméra SMART, SWIR, SWAP,contrôle bain de fusion_TCAM12865_TPSH

The TCAM128-65 is a real-time process control camera for welding and additive manufacturing. TPSH has developed within the framework of the FALAFEL project and after 5 years of R&D, a SMART infrared camera, the TCAM 128-65, allowing to control in real time the physical parameters of a melt bath for:   – YAG – TIG […]

Jan 20
TCAM12865_domaine de la soudure_contrôle temps réel du bain de fusion_TPSH

TPSH is invited to the technical and discussion day on January 29th on the following issue : How to apprehend the digital transformation in traditional industries and mainly in the field of welding? We invite you to come and meet us at the Festi’val area from 10am. TPSH will present its real-time fusion bath control […]

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