Feb 23

Contact us to find out more about the automatic adaptive NDT technologies developed by TPSH. Our systems are the answer to process improvement and quality inspection needs. All our checking and measuring tools are autonomous, associated with customised HMI and produce a compliance report automatically. 3D adaptive ultrasonic measurement cell:  – robotic and automatic, – […]

Jan 23

Dear team, Dear customers, Dear partners, It was a real pleasure to be with you, Having shared and carried out your major projects, Combining robotics, cobotics & CND, And having been able to bring you great progress, In your quality control processes. Thank you for your trust. We wish you and your family a very […]

Dec 22
contrôle automatique par ultrason_US_cellule autonome_TPSH

A TPSH solution – 100% automatic for quality control. SURFACE SCAN: CALCULATION OF CORRECTIONS FOR CONTROL. After 7 years of R&D and several patents filed, we have developed an automatic industrial robotic system with an ultrasonic measuring device associated in real time with a laser probe to analyze the 3D topology of all parts with […]

Nov 22

CHOOSE LEASING TO BRING THE POWER OF OUR TPSH TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS INTO YOUR PROCESSES. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR COMPLEMENTARY FINANCING SERVICE: OUR TPSH LEASING PACKAGE INCLUDES: – Numerous guarantees (parts supply, labour costs and intervention in France), – Provision of a replacement system in the event of a breakdown, – Monthly payment over 5 years […]

Nov 22
Polissage adaptatif automatique_cellule autonome_TPSH

ROBOTIC CELL FOR BLADE & TURBINE FINISHING. A TPSH solution – 100% automatic for quality control. TPSH has developed an innovative automated adaptive process technology for part finishing since 2017. Our robotic polishing and grinding cell combines a 2D/3D measurement system with trajectories automatically in PHL-AA (Adaptive Automatic Off-Line Programming) to guarantee a better productivity […]

Oct 22
PAMPROD_camera_realtime process control_TPSH

A hybrid machine for the additive manufacturing of large parts – up to 5 m – at optimised costs. A flexible and agile hybrid industrial cell for manufacturing, adding functions, repairing or rebuilding large parts. A wide range of materials are compatible with the machine, including super alloys, stainless steel, steel and titanium. Get to […]

Oct 22
Etabli de contrôle_2D_3D_autonome_automatique_TPSH

COBOTIC INSPECTION: MOBILE OR FIXED 3D MEASUREMENT SYSTEM. A TPSH – 100% automatic solution for quality control. TPSH, a forerunner for more than 15 years in Industry 4.0 technologies, has developed a 2D/3D automatic industrial control technology for the compliance of complex assemblies meeting the needs of Industry 5.0. This new cobotic system is a […]

Sep 22
innovation5.0_inspection visuelle cobotique_AGV_TPSH

A 100% AUTOMATIC AND AUTONOMOUS TPSH SOLUTION FOR QUALITY CONTROL. TPSH offers a mobile solution to minimize the space required for inspection. The assembly control system is based on an autonomous mobile carrier of the AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) type for large parts. (Cobot + measuring and control heads) The objective is to realize the […]

Aug 22
Eté 2022_TPSH_robotique_cobotique_camera_AGV_innovations

TPSH IS OPEN DURING THE SUMMER. You can call on us in July and August 2022, we will be at your side during the summer. Our design office, R&D and services department will answer your technical questions about your projects. For more information, ask us about the monthly cost by email: or by phone: […]

Jul 22
Prestation de services_coucouronnes_91_2022_juin_juillet_TPSH_digitalisation_numérisation

A TEAM DEDICATED TO YOUR SERVICES FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS, WE HAVE BEEN AT YOUR SIDE TO ASSIST YOU IN YOUR SERVICE PROJECTS. We take care of scanning your parts at the factory of your choice or in our workshop in Courcouronnes (91): The list of our services: -    Metrology, -    Surface reconstruction, -    […]

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