A TPSH solution – 100% automatic for quality control.


After 7 years of R&D and several patents filed, we have developed an automatic industrial robotic system with an ultrasonic measuring device associated in real time with a laser probe to analyze the 3D topology of all parts with low precision, low rigidity or large dimensions.
Our technology meets the needs of automation controls to reduce non-quality exports and improve manufacturing processes. Our robotic cell is a turnkey tool ensuring the repeatability of dimensional and US controls of parts and allows a strong 3D traceability for your parts. Our industrial means allows the control in position and orientation of a probe that uses water to link the sensor and the part to a hexapod to have a 3D point cloud result.
Cellule CND_ultrason_mesure 3D_TPSH
We have developed a measurement box with automatic data transfer to the PC. Our supervision software TPSH allows the exploitation of measurements, the management of measurement cycles, the management of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and parametric equipment. We are proud to have developed a HMI that allows TPSH personnel to create a new control range and export data.

Get an intuitive, 100% dedicated and customizable HMI:

- Integration of a measuring head associating a 3D measurement line laser with a single or multi-element ultrasound probe
- Interfacing the acquisition system in automatic 3D and NDT Ultrasound robotics coupled with a supervisor operating TPSH
- Fusion of a PHL software to automatically create 3D and US inspection programs to meet automation, correlation, specific detection and special report edition needs
- Choice of a 6-axis cobot (collaborative robot) or a 6-axis robot allowing great flexibility and easy integration into a production environment associated with a real-time control option

Examples of functions and other key benefits: 

- Cycle time optimization
- Fast inspection time
- Real-time coupled 3D and NDT inspection
- Precise point-to-point inspection of multi-part parts without contact
- Automatic inspection report for each measurement
- Guaranteed compliant deliverables

For more information, ask us about the monthly cost by email: or by phone at +331 69 11 91 91.

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