Contact us to find out more about the automatic adaptive NDT technologies developed by TPSH.

Our systems are the answer to process improvement and quality inspection needs.

All our checking and measuring tools are autonomous, associated with customised HMI and produce a compliance report automatically.

3D adaptive ultrasonic measurement cell: 

- robotic and automatic,
- duo of ultrasonic and laser sensors,
- Eddy current,
- integrated on the production line,

Adaptive automatic polishing and control cell for blade and turbine:

- 100% robotic and automatic,
- autonomous polishing, deburring, grinding and control of parts,
- adaptive trajectories at very high speeds,
- Integrated HMI and supervision station,

Infrared camera_SWIR_SWAP_SMART for real time melt monitoring: 

- autonomous IR camera,
- real time monitoring of the process,
- taking videos and images of the melt,
- data analysis by an intuitive HMI,

IHM, supervision software: 

- real time HMI,
- customisable supervision software,
- automatic cycle management, 
- multi-functions, multi-languages and multi-supports, 

For more information, ask us for technical information by email: or by phone: +331 69 11 91 91.

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