Cobotic cell with rotating multiplates for the detection of assembly defects.

Discover our closed, cobotised cell for the detection of all types of assembly defects on finished products. Our technology is the fusion between an intelligent automated optical inspection head, a cobot, rotary multiplates, calibration accessories and a safety cell.

NDT - Automatic Optical inspection cell_ quality control_TPSH

The innovative automatic 2D/3D control cell allows the acquisition of 6 series of products on 6 rotary plates with the objective of optimising quality control times and processes. It also allows operators to make immediate decisions on the conformity of parts leaving the production line and to guarantee the traceability of the controls. This automatic box carries out checks on all types of finished assemblies or assemblies in the course of assembly, combining automatic image acquisition and image processing ranges. TPSH deploys its optical technology with a programmed control cycle combined with “production” and “learning” options to manage the system autonomously. All our applications are supplied with a supervision station and a customisable HMI (Human-Machine Interface). The role of our supervision software is to manage automatically and in real time, the measurement and/or control cycles, processes and image processing algorithms associated with the customer’s context.

100% autonomous system with the following characteristics : :

  • > Fully secured cell coupled to the CE standard
  • > Control station with up to 6 rotary tables and their tools
  • > Manual learning of control paths thanks to the cobot standard
  • > A cobot to enable collaborative work when creating ranges

A learning station for the creation of control ranges in autonomy and : :

  • > Creation of trajectories and image processing by the operator
  • > Edition of an automated inspection report for each measurement
  • > On-line control of 100% of the production line rate
  • > Validation of control points by the operator
  • > Statistical analysis of the results
  • > Traceability of controls


Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +33 (0)1 69 11 91 91 or by e-mail at: info@tpsh.fr
You can also come and meet us at our head office, located at 4 rue Jean Mermoz 91080 Courcouronnes.

Download the description of NDT – Optical inspection cell_TPSH

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