Our non-destructive controls to improve industrial control processes.


Automated robotics – cobotics to improve production quality and increase competitiveness.

We are proud to bring together a dynamic team, motivated to multiple resources to answer the problems of manual control.
TPSH_ CND_Le futur de l'Industrie

System design to enable 100% automatic and repeatable detection has become our 29-year-old’s core business. Our skills and history make our company a recognized player in the expertise of automatic détections of cosmetic defects.

We put at the service of the biggest industrial all our means and our reflections to accompany the quality process changes of our customers. Our solutions meet the needs of automatic control and measurement on the final assembly line. Our products are combinations of technologies, some Under TPSH patents, associated with algorithms, supervisors, properties of TPSH, to create robust contro ranges in order to attest the conformity or not of the productions.

For any request fot technical information : info@tpsh.fr or by phone +33(0) 1 69 11 91 91

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