The TCAM128-65 is a real-time process control camera for welding and additive manufacturing.

TPSH has developed within the framework of the FALAFEL project and after 5 years of R&D, a SMART infrared camera, the TCAM 128-65, allowing to control in real time the physical parameters of a melt bath for:

real time welding process control camera_TCAM128-65_TPSH

- YAG – TIG – MIG – MAG – LASER – FSW welding
- LM and DMD additive manufacturing

The main characteristics are as follows:

- Real-time control of the machine according to the measurement data of the camera (feed, power and distance),
- Integrated processor able to analyse in real time the state of the bath by image processing at 200Hz,
- Synchronization of images with machine parameters,

The advantages of TCAM128-65 include the following:

- Real-time NDT in Process,
- Strong reduction of post-processing control of the part and uncontrollable areas with conventional NDT methods,
- X-ray control or localized tomography at the end of the manufacturing process,
- Turnkey system easy to integrate into a machine,
- Control in the production process,

Find the advantages:

- Real-time analysis of manufacturing,
- Stand-alone control solution,
- Quick and easy to use,
- Customizable HMI,

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