Robotic technology for polishing, grinding and deburring TPSH.


A polishing cell combining measurement systems and parametric and adaptive trajectories.

TPSH has developed an innovative method of adaptive polishing for room finishing by combining robotics, 3D measurement and automatic polishing.

Polishing system_TPSH

This intelligent technology, with a ten years experience, leads us to master the entire chain in automatic 3D measurement before and after polishing (up to the Classe F +) to the generation of a control and compliance report.

“We have evolved robotic polishing with 100% automatic processes to improve the productivity of our customers by removing the non-quality exported.
Our customers ensure a quality follow-up for every parts polished, grounded or deburred, while increasing their production rate. By way of illustration, our cells polish in 6min a complete blade with a 95% synthetic yield rate.

TPSH anchors its technologies in the dynamics of the factory of the future and accompanies the leaders industrialists in their transformations.

TPSH is present on 3 sites:
- In Courcouronnes (91), ask for information by telephone on +33(1) 69 11 91 91
- In Chalon sur Saône (71), contact by phone at +33(9) 50 77 65 32
- And in Montrabé (31) at +33(9) 80 51 60 86
or by email to:

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