3D contactless measurement, NDT, industrial process automation

For the past 25 years we have been providing 3D contactless scanning services to industrials. We offer related services for parts control and measurement: reverse engineering comparison to CAD file and other control reports.

We develop nondestructive control means and green technologies, to meet current industrials expectations, and to observe new industrial policies regarding green and nonpolluting solutions.

We automate production and control processes for industrials. We are able to combine several technologies and to integrate our solutions on production line, providing immediate results.

From the study to the implantation of a solution including maintenance, we offer a full and high quality service. Products on shelves, customized solutions, prototypes, feasibility study: we manage all our resources to answer your needs.

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Our control technologies / measurement / polishing / adjustments for the Industry of the Futur.

CONFIEZ-NOUS VOS PROJETS DE TRANSFORMATION, DÈS LES PHASES D’ÉTUDE À L’INDUSTRIALISATION DES SOLUTIONS. TPSH a pour cœur de métier l’expertise du contrôle et de la mesure sans contact 2D et 3D. Nous vous développé un panel de produit pour des solutions de contrôle dédié au : > Remplacement du contrôle visuel pour des taches répétitives […]

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