Real-time control camera for additive manufacturing and welding.


TPSH markets its intelligent camera: an alternative to visual inspection, bleeding and RX methods. TCAM128-65 follows the melt and records all material fusion information.

TCAM12865_TPSH_camera de soudage_suivi bain de fusion_fabrication additiveWe are proud of our internally developed 2D / 3D analysis tool that allows you to see the internal structure of the fused material in a nod and to attest to the conformity or otherwise of a part. The operator can easily set the characteristics of the bath (length, width, surface, power etc …) and visualize the piece in 3D color mapping. Our camera benefits from great flexibility of integration with its mount C, allows 60 frames per second for a sensor surface of 3mm x 3mm.

The TCAM128-65 is a stand-alone control camera.

Our turnkey tool is designed for additive manufacturing – LM and DMD, YAG TIG MIG LASER and FSW welding. The TPSH HMI, developed in-house, allows images to be recorded during the bath and ensures the traceability of the results.

Our SWIR technology is complete to gain competitiveness.

Our goal is to ensure the follow-up of the welding seam in real time to ensure the quality of the productions. The camera makes it possible to stop and resume the manufacturing process following a detection to limit the rejects.

Our technology is part of the CND for the future of the industry, robotic applications are outstanding for the automotive sector with deployments in France and internationally. Robotic control projects by our SWIR cameras are also being tested in our workshops.

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